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We believe that Christ is the central part of a child’s life and education. Faith is an essential part of our day as we work and learn together. It is not only a part of our religion curriculum and chapel services, but it is present throughout the day in our learning and relationship building.


We know it takes a “family” to provide quality, Christ-Centered education. Teachers, parents, and students work together to provide optimal growth opportunities. We work hard to create a caring, family atmosphere in each classroom so students can thrive.


A quality curriculum, facilitated by a top-tier staff, provides the best opportunities for student learning. Trinity reviews our curriculum to ensure our students are learning from excellent materials, but more importantly, the Trinity staff is composed of excellent educators who facilitate student learning and exploration and foster a love of the education process so that students might become life long learners.


We know students learn by doing. We provide opportunities for students to learn through play, the manipulation of learning resources, learning centers, experimentation, and the use of a variety of technological tools. We encourage student exploration and discovery while providing guidance and background in foundational life skills and concepts.


We know the arts are essential to a complete, well rounded elementary education. Trinity students are provided rich fine arts opportunities including art, general music education, instrumental music, vocal music, and ample performance opportunities.


We also know movement and play are fundamental to great elementary education. All students are provided recess each day, one hour of PE each week, and multiple opportunities for kinesthetic learning in the classroom.

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