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General Music

Students in grades K-4 meet with the music teacher twice a week for an engaging lesson promoting musical development. This includes singing, moving/dancing, playing instruments, listening, creating, and writing. 



Choral training begins in Kindergarten and is built upon all the way up through 8th Grade. In K-2 Choir we work on the foundations of singing, posture, etc. Throughout 3-5 Choir we endeavor to create tuneful, invested singers. We work on tone, style, vowel shapes, breathing, etc. By 6-8 Choir students are singing in several parts, navigating changing voices, and working to produce a masterful sound. The choirs all have several performances throughout the year! 


Instrumental music education begins in fourth grade with the recorders. The fourth-grade class experiences the foundations of learning to play a wind instrument during their second semester of general music. 

Starting in fifth grade, students are given the option of learning to play a band instrument. Students may choose to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. During this time students learn about discipline, determination, time management, and a number of physical benefits associated with playing an instrument. 

Band students are then able to continue building on these skills in the 6th-8th grade band. Band students develop independent practice skills which are reinforced with playing quizzes throughout the year.
Band and recorder students perform in concerts throughout the year! 


Middle school students (6th-8th grades) are given the chance to play in a Handbell choir once a week. This is an experience completely unique to Trinity students in Grand Island. Students use higher thinking skills to master 2-4 bells. This requires the students to recognize the pitches they are responsible for and where they occur within the rhythmic context of the song. The choirs perform multiple times throughout the year, delighting performers and audiences alike! 


Every other year, the Trinity student body performs a Musical of the music director's choosing. In 2023 the musical was "Malice in the Palace" featuring the story of Esther. These productions allow students of all ages to share the love of Christ while participating in creative activities. 

Visual and Performing Arts


Visual Art

Trinity uses the “Arts Attack” curriculum for visual art in grades K-4. Art is taught in the self-contained classroom and is worked seamlessly into the day’s activities. 
Fifth graders experience visual art in the art room once a week. They study the elements of art and endeavor to apply those elements to create pleasing works of art. 

Sixth graders attend a visual art class twice a week. Here they build upon the foundations set in the “Arts Attack” curriculum and work to develop those skills on a higher level. Sixth graders also see their first exposure to ceramics. 

Visual art is an elective requirement for 7th and 8th graders. The electives are designed to be exploratory in nature, and visual art is no different. Students take the techniques they have learned to create appealing, tasteful works of art. Student art is showcased throughout the school building all year, and each student has one piece of art that is displayed for our Fine Arts night in May! 


Performing Arts

Additionally, middle school students may choose to participate in speech and drama to learn the basics of public speaking and dramatic performance.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a few competitions each year to gain experience and to enjoy the blessing of creative communication.

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