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Middle school is an exciting and challenging time. Students are encouraged to

develop strong academic skills that are necessary to a successful high school

experience. During this time, middle school students can grow spiritually and

socially through their weekly chapels, athletic events, and school activities.



Spiritual Development

Trinity offers a Christ-centered curriculum that integrates Biblical truths

across all subjects. In addition, students participate in daily Bible classes,

attend weekly chapels, and have opportunities to attend youth group events

and Confirmation classes.




Service gives students valuable experience and opens the door to show the

love of Christ. Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in

a variety of mission projects throughout the year. Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through participation in the TLS Student Council (Grades 6-8).




Our middle school athletics program offers a variety of sports in which

students with qualifying GPAs can participate. Students can participate in the

following team sports: football, basketball, volleyball, or track and field. 



Academic Help

We have highly qualified, credentialed faculty members on campus who are

dedicated to helping each student achieve his or her academic goals. This is

possible through a focused, individualized approach to education that

assesses unique learning styles and abilities for students with different

learning needs. In our classrooms, we strive to engage students by using all

four learning modalities (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic) to make

academic content accessible. 




Middle school is a crucial period for students to practice and maintain a set

of study habits and values that will help them balance life in high school. It is

also a time when students can discover their passions and gifts. Every middle

school student will experience a wide range of electives. Courses offered are

revised each year to meet the needs of the students. Previous elective

choices have included


  • Photography               •   Spanish                •   Rocketry               

  • Robotics                       •   Dance                  •   Journalism           

  • Nutrition                      •   Careers                 •   Art                         

  • Video production       •   Chorus                •   Speech                 

  • Entrepreneurship      •  Citizenship           •   Publicity & Advertising         

  • Puzzles and logic        •   Independent Living

  • Digital Music               •   Home Economics  •  Genius Hour 


1-to-1 Technology


Trinity is committed to preparing our students for the challenges and

opportunities of the 21st century. An essential part of this preparation is

teaching students to use technology to access, analyze, organize, synthesize,

and communicate information. We provide access to technology through our

computer lab, computer courses, and in the classrooms with Chromebooks

and iPads. 


Computer instruction builds upon the skills gained in the lower grades by

bringing the application of computer technology and digital citizenship to

real-world situations.

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