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It is our goal to reach out to families in Christian love, create an environment where children feel secure, develop a sense of self-worth, and confidently meet new challenges and learning experiences. Our program also focuses on Kindergarten readiness. 


Daily Activities 

Our developmentally-centered approach allows for a balance between child-initiated and teacher-planned activities. A daily routine provides children with a sense of comfort and stability and includes the following (and more!):

  • Jesus time - learning to live each day more like Jesus

  • Large-motor play – developing skills in the gym and on the playground

  • Music time – singing, playing instruments, and experiencing various music styles

  • Story time – fostering the love of reading Snack time – practicing table manners and informal conversation

  • Center time – exploring on their own in learning centers

  • In House Field Trips – learning from visitors who come to the classroom (eg. fireman, policeman)

Available Classes

Classes begin in late August. All classes are completed by the end of May.  A child must be three or four by July 31st and toilet trained. Parents may choose:




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