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Shortly after Trinity Lutheran Church was formed plans were made for a school.  In 1882 Trinity Lutheran School was opened and has served the congregation and community since that time.  The first school house doubled as a church at Second and Vine streets.  The pastor conducted classes until 1885 when the first permanent teacher, Mr. Wiesbrodt, was called.


In 1893 the church moved across the lot into a newly constructed stone building. In 1923 the school building was enlarged.  



Once the present location of the school was purchased, the new four-room school was dedicated August 17, 1930.  Two rooms were added to the structure in 1952.  In 1962 the school underwent a major expansion. This added four classrooms, a library, a lunchroom, a gym, and office spaces.  A final addition of four classrooms, a youth center, and enlarged office spaces was made in 1978.

Since 1909, Trinity Lutheran School has had seven principals:  

Mr. Becker (1909-1949)

Mr. Wassermann (1949-1972)

Mr. Chandler (1972-2001)

Mrs. Armstrong (2002-2019)  

Mrs. Staehr (2019-2020)

Mrs. Bartels (2020-2021)

Mr. Rathe (2021-Present)

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