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Saves Your Time and Money

With scrip, you’re paying face value and you’re getting face value. You raise money by changing your payment method, which means no more time spent buying or selling fundraising products, and no more fundraising fatigue.


The Most Convenient Fundraising Idea

With over 750 retailers, electronic and reloadable gift cards, MyScripWallet, and an online payment system, scrip is a lifestyle fundraiser that runs all year long.


Your family can register and order ScripNow!

ScripNow! is the fastest and easiest way to receive scrip. You will be able to print your own eCards. You can also send eGifts by email. You can buy Scrip cards online anytime during the month.


You will have the ability to “Reload” funds onto gift cards you

have already purchased through the Trinity Tiger Scrip program.

This will not work for the SuperSaver, Hy Vee, or Wal-Mart cards that are purchased in Grand Island.


Your family and Trinity Lutheran School will continue to earn

the rebates from your purchases when you use the ShopWithScrip options.


Check out these options using the information below: You will

need to set up an account for PrestoPay to pay for your online

purchases. The cost of each PrestoPay order is taken from your bank checking account and costs a small fee. The ShopWithScrip website carefully guides you through registering and signing up for PrestoPay.

Use the enrollment number and website below to register.

Trinity Lutheran School/Grand Island, Nebraska

Enrollment Code: 18299D5L6948


More questions? You can post questions on the Trinity Lutheran School – Scrip Tips & Tricks Facebook page, call Bill Alberts at 384-9444 or email him at

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